Not your average to-do list.

Nota is a colorful and engaging platform that helps you stay on top of your busy day.


Nota displays all the current week tasks on the home page, separating important and low priority tasks with a simple gradient, making it easier to prioritize important tasks and the tasks that can wait.


Nota gives you a progress bar for you to see just how close you are to completing your to-do-list.

Dedicated Lists.

With dedicated Lists, Nota makes your daily life easier. From a list of groceries that you need to buy, to planning out your gym session.

Keep your notes secure, by locking them with a passcode or by using Face ID on iPhone X.

Make the notes that matter the most, stand out with the flick of a switch.

View more notes on one page with grid mode, or get longer note previews in list mode.

A Profile Page Like No Other.

The profile page gives you an overview of what’s going on in the world. Find out the latest weather in your location and latest headlines (local and national). You will also be able to find out stats about your daily productivity.

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Universal App.

Nota supports both smartphones and tablets. For a more immersive experience, run the Nota app on a tablet. The larger screen enables you get more done, with less scrolling and fewer taps.

Seamless Cloud Syncing.

Start working on one device and continue where you left off on another. The Nota Cloud platform automatically syncs all your tasks, notes and settings to all of your devices.


Cloud integration removes the need to make data backups, export/import data between devices, etc…


Nota cloud integration also comes with offline support. Your new changes will be synced to your other devices, as soon as you go back online.


Simply create a free Nota account, login and start using Nota.

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